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Information on Slynd®


Slynd® provides effective pregnancy prevention…

comparable to other combined hormonal contraceptive options.


(95% CI; 2.3, 6.4)

**Based on 17 pregnancies out of 953 females
≤ 35 years of age with 5547 evaluable cycles

(936 out of 953 females completed study without pregnancy)

1.8% pregnancies (17 out of 953 females evaluated)


Studies evaluating efficacy included
females with high BMI:

  • - 35% with BMI> 30 (332 females)
  • - 18% with BMI > 35 (173 females)
  • - Mean BMI = 28.5 kg/m2
Efficacy and safety were assessed in an open-label, prospective, multicenter,
non-controlled trial of 953 enrolled female subjects, aged 15 and above.

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Missed Pill Window

Slynd® has a flexible 24-hour missed pill window to accommodate her hectic life. This provides the forgiveness she needs to be successful on Slynd®.

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30-hour elimination half-life helps maintain therapeutic plasma levels to sustain a 24-hour missed pill window

Similar dosing window to combined oral contraceptives (COCs) and more convenient than progestin-only pills (POPs)

Tablets must be taken every day at the same time of the day. If one active tablet is missed, take the missed as soon as possible.

If two or more active tablets are missed, take the last missed tablet as soon as possible. Continue taking one tablet a day and use non-hormonal contraception (such as condoms or spermicide) as back-up if the patient has sex within 7 days after missing tablets.


Evaluated in over
20,000 cycles

No reported thromboembolic
or CV events
in clinical studies, which
distinguishes drospirenone used alone
versus in combination with estrogen*

No Boxed Warning!
Pertaining to female
smokers 35 years and older

Given its relatively safe profile and no boxed warning, Slynd® does not require a blood pressure check prior to initiation and therefore can be prescribed via telemedicine.

Prescribe Slynd® via telemedicine with confidence!

* Studies have not indicated an association between progestin-only preparations and an increased risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral thromboembolism, or venous thromboembolism.

+ Dosing Regimen, Bleeding Profile, & Drospirenone

Estrogen-free Slynd® is Patient-Friendly

Slynd® is a dependable option that is proven safe and effective in adult and adolescent females of reproductive age

  • More convenient for women who want to avoid unnecessary hormones
  • Safe to use in breastfeeding mothers
  • No limitation of use in women with high BMI
  • Safe to use in patients with CV risk potential, such as smokers
Women who prefer to avoid unnecessary hormones Breastfeeding
(FDA approved)
High BMI
Smokers + CV Risk
(No boxed warning)
Combined Oral Contraceptive (COC)

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