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We believe birth control should fit more women like you

Many women are limited in their choice for oral contraceptives. If you’re avoiding unnecessary hormones, are breastfeeding, have estrogen-related health risks, or deal with an erratic schedule, it can be difficult to find the perfect pill for you. With Slynd®, you can get the pill you need while making sure it suits your lifestyle.

Estrogen-free is easy

Slynd® is an oral contraceptive that does not contain any estrogen, and only has the hormone progestin. This makes it suitable for women who wish to or need to avoid estrogen.

24-hour missed pill window

While the goal is to always take your birth control at the same time every day, if you miss a pill, you have a more forgiving 24-hour missed pill window with Slynd®—unlike with other estrogen-free pills.

Familiar monthly schedule

Slynd® has a 24 + 4 dosing schedule, similar to most estrogen-containing birth control pills. This way, you can easily manage your bleeding days to suit your lifestyle.



The Slynd® Difference

The core belief at Slynd® is that birth control should be designed to fit more lifestyles, body types, and health situations. That’s why our estrogen-free formula has a 24-hour missed pill window and doesn’t contain any unnecessary hormones.

Learn more about Slynd®, what makes our pill so different, and how we put our years of expertise into an oral contraceptive that may work for you.


We want you to feel empowered by your decision

The first step to taking charge of your health is learning more about what options you have available to you. Our experts have compiled a number of resources to fuel your curiosity and support your understanding of birth control.

Your body, your options →

Learn how your menstrual cycle and reproductive system work, as well as the various prescription and nonprescription birth control choices you have.

An exciting innovation in contraception →

Slynd® is the only estrogen-free birth control pill with a 24-hour missed pill window. Find out why this formulation and flexible dosing option may be right for you.

Making Slynd® more affordable →

We believe everyone deserves access to birth control. That’s why we’ve created a savings program where you may pay as little as $8.33 a month for Slynd®.

*Savings may vary depending on insurance coverage.

FAQs →

We know you’ve got questions—that’s why we’ve prepared answers. Check out the most common questions we get from our patients.