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Building on our women’s health expertise to make birth control for more women like you

Slynd® comes to you from Exeltis, a pharmaceutical company focusing on women’s health. Our years of experience in creating pharmaceutical products to help women take control of their health is what led us to develop Slynd®.



Here’s what makes Slynd® an innovative choice for many women:

Slynd® is for women who don’t want to take estrogen or can’t take estrogen

Worried about birth control pills' side effects? Pills containing estrogen have been linked to an increased risk of blood clots, especially in women who smoke or have heart and blood vessel problems. In breastfeeding women, it has also been known to reduce milk production and pass into breast milk. Women today are more conscious about the amount of hormones they place in their bodies which makes estrogen-free Slynd® a great birth control option overall.

Slynd® is for women who need more flexibility in their lives

Other estrogen-free pills have a 3-hour missed pill window, which doesn’t give you a lot of leeway if you forget to take your pill. While it’s important to always try to take your pill on time, if you miss a dose, you have a more flexible 24-hour missed pill window with Slynd®.

Slynd® is for women who want a familiar bleeding schedule

If you’ve ever taken a birth control pill that contains estrogen, you’re likely familiar with the 24 active hormone pill + 4 inactive placebo pill dosing schedule. Slynd® is the only estrogen-free pill that follows this schedule, so you can better manage your bleeding on birth control to suit your lifestyle.

Slynd® is for women who may want access to birth control from the comfort of their homes

You have many items on your to-do list, and spending hours waiting to see a doctor isn’t always one of them. That’s why we work with My Pill and MoreTM to offer you online birth control options.

Why women need Slynd®

I’m breastfeeding, so my only option is a pill with a tight dosing schedule that wreaks havoc on my periods.

I like to have fun and look my best. I want to balance my hormones to keep my skin clear but not take any extra hormones beyond what is absolutely necessary.

Some oral contraceptives don’t work on women with my body type.

I smoke, so my contraceptive shouldn’t contain estrogen. My pill has a dosing schedule that stresses me out.

The Slynd® core values


Your body, your choice. We want to provide you with all the details so you can make an informed choice for birth control that’s right for you.


Our team is good at what they do — that’s why Slynd® is the only estrogen-free birth control pill with a flexible 24-hour missed pill window and predictable bleeding profile.


Birth control should also be accessible from your home. That’s why we partner with My Pill and MoreTM so you can get a prescription for Slynd® without ever having to sit in a doctor’s office waiting room.


We want you to do you! If you want to speak with your own doctor, we’ve provided a helpful brochure and discussion guide you can use. If you want to connect with one of our doctors, simply click here.