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Slynd® and birth control discussion starters

Here are some ideas to help you have a productive conversation about birth control with your healthcare provider.


Start by asking your doctor how you can determine what birth control method is right for you.


Find out the difference between pills
that contain estrogen versus those
that do not.


If you cannot take estrogen because your doctor has told you not to take estrogen products due to your high BMI, discuss estrogen-free Slynd as an option.


If you are conscious of the hormones you put in your body and prefer to avoid any unnecessary hormones in your birth control, ask your doctor about estrogen-free Slynd®.


Learn about what your periods will be like when taking Slynd®.


Learn about Slynd®’s side effects and other safety information, and the side effects and safety information of COCs (Combined Oral Contraceptives) so you can make the best choice for you.


Ask about Slynd®’s flexible window to catch up on a missed pill.


Know how to take Slynd® if you are switching from another method of birth control.


Discuss how effective Slynd® is in preventing pregnancy and how quickly your protection will begin after starting on Slynd®.

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Questions to ask your doctor

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